Top 15 Halal Cosmetics Malaysia You Probably Never Heard Before

halal cosmetics malaysia

Do you know that there are varieties of halal cosmetics Malaysia where the quality is as good as those international cosmetics products? 

Hence, you do not have to be afraid to use the local cosmetics product as there is a lot of established cosmetics company that produced their products locally. 

In this write-up, we will be sharing the 15 halal cosmetics in Malaysia that you presumably never heard of it before and how you can create your cosmetic lines.

15 Halal Cosmetics Products in Malaysia

halal cosmetics malaysia

As a Muslim, we must check on the cosmetics’ halal status before purchasing it. 

Therefore, for your future reference, here is the list of cosmetics lines in Malaysia that are halal and affordable.

  1. Obsess Cosmetics
halal cosmetics malaysia

Obsess Cosmetics is a local cosmetics line that has come up with wudhu friendly products where it consists of lip mattes and other basics cosmetics products. 

The founder of the Obsess Cosmetics, Hafizatul Atikah, stated that her mission is to create cosmetics products to empower the Muslim women to be confident in their appearance.

  1. dUCk Cosmetics
halal cosmetics malaysia

Known for its Hijab labels, the founder of dUCk, Vivy Yusof has finally ventured in the beauty industry by coming up with its cosmetic lines, dUCk Cosmetics. 

dUCk Cosmetics has produced a different range of cosmetic products such as lipstick, eyeshadow palette, lip cream and lip gloss.

  1. Formulab Industry
halal cosmetics malaysia

Recently, Formulab has launched its new high-quality product which is the “Liquid Matte Lipstick” that comes with a variety of beautiful colours that suits the current beauty trend.

The liquid matte lipstick will surely make you look more astounding and stand out from the others. 

Furthermore, other than for its glamourous colours, the cosmetics produced by Formulab can be removed effortlessly and wudhu friendly. 

Moreover, Formulab has produced other cosmetic products such as foundation, BB Cream and skincare products.

One thing about Formulab is that if you want to manufacture your cosmetic products, Formulab will help you from the very beginning until the end of the process.

For more information, you can visit its official website now!

  1. Sorfina Hal
halal cosmetics malaysia

Next, Sorfina Hal has produced cosmetic products that are free from paraben, phthalates, petrolatum, sodium lauryl sulphate, and other synthetic fragrances.

Besides, to maintain the wearer’s lip moisture, Sorfina Hal has incorporated olive oil in their main product, which is the Lipcream Matte.

  1. Sugarbelle
halal cosmetics malaysia

Sugarbelle is a local cosmetic brand that is famous for its products that free from paraben and animal cruelty, vegan and wudhu friendly. 

Other than the cosmetic lines, Sugarbelle also has its skincare and fragrance lines.

  1. Pretty Suci

Pretty Suci is one of the world-famous halal beauty products where it offers high-quality cosmetics. 

For instance, one of the products from Pretty Suci is the very pigmented lip matte and with just one swipe, you will look more beautiful and radiant.

  1. Orkid Cosmetics 
halal cosmetics malaysia

Well known for its creamy liquid lipstick, Orkid Cosmetics has swiftly developed and has become the product that is treasured by many. 

On the whole, Orkid Cosmetics products come in a beautiful range of colours that will perfect the look of your daily makeup.

  1. SO.LEK

SO.LEK is an affordable cosmetics brand that is wudhu friendly and animal cruelty-free.

Moreover, SO.LEK is known for its opening Gang Flower Collection which comes in red and burgundy colours: Anggerik, Dahlia, Seroja, Merak, Raya and Chempaka.

  1. SimplySiti

Founded by one of the adored celebrities in Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza, SimplySiti has all the beauty products you need.

SimplySiti’s products vary from skincare products to makeup as well as fragrances.

  1. Nurraysa

In addition to the halal cosmetics in Malaysia, starting from selling collagen soap, Nurraysa now produces a wide range of makeup and cosmetic products.

One of the cosmetics produced by Nurraysa is the alluring Lip Matte Glamor, which is said to keep your lips moist throughout the day.

  1. Forest Colour

Inspired by the Malaysian rainforest, Forest Color has created cosmetic products based on high-quality natural ingredients.

What makes Forest Color special is that most of their products are injected with collagen to give the wearer anti-ageing properties.

  1. Breena Beauty

Breena Beauty features all the beauty needs you need for your dressing tables such as eyeshadow palette, eyeliner and lip matte that will surely mesmerize you.

  1. Good Virtues Co

Good Virtues Co. is famous for its products such as body, face and hair care products that contain black cumin or known as “Habbatus Sauda”.

  1. AG2000
halal cosmetics malaysia

If you are familiar with the products from The House of Healing, you have to try AG2000. AG2000 is one of its range that includes lipstick and face care products.

  1. Clara International

Last but not least is the famous Clara International.

Clara International cosmetic lines have invaded the international market and have become the largest exporter of halal cosmetics products from Malaysia.

Malaysian Halal Cosmetics Verification

halal cosmetics malaysia

Do you know that the use of the halal logo does not only prohibited to the food products? In Malaysia, cosmetics products are encouraged to use the halal logo.

However, one of the conditions is that the manufacturer must obtain the halal certification only from the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM).

Besides, the usage of the halal logo is not a compulsory specification, but it depends on the halal certificate application made by the manufacturer and distributor.

Create Your Own Malaysian Halal Cosmetics Products

For those who are interested and keen to create their beauty or cosmetic lines, you can utilize the OEM factory services.

The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) factory manufactures certain products according to their client’s needs, which is the founder of the product. 

The clients only need to provide the funds and choose the type of products that they want to produce with the OEM factory. 

In the same way, the OEM factory will manufacture the product according to the minimum order quantity that has been requested by the clients.  

Using OEM factory services to produce your own branded products is one of the easiest and popular methods as you only need to provide the capitals.

Moreover, the cost of manufacturing is also affordable and reasonable due to the marketing negotiations between both parties. Besides, the box design for the product is also available.

Therefore, if you are intrigued to venture in business in the field of beauty, it is important to select a registered OEM factory in Malaysia. 

This is to ensure the quality of the product is maintained and in line with the product you want to produce to prevent any unwanted problems in the future. 

Among the OEM factories in Malaysia that are recognized and follow the standards required to obtain Halal certification is Formulab Industry.

Formulab Industry is a GMP-certified beauty, cosmetics and health products manufacturer in Malaysia.

Additionally, Formulab Industry manufactures other products like the energy supplement and nutrition products, formulations and juice drinks and pharmaceuticals and health pills.

Here are four easy procedures to create your own branded product with Formulab Industry

  1. Make an appointment

After you have arranged an appointment with Formulab Industry, we will plan the place and time for the meeting based on the agreement of both parties. 

  1. Consultations

Consultation sessions will be conducted for free where the discussion will include the costs, moq and others. 

  1. Sample Preparations

After both parties have agreed with a decision, the study and sample preparation will be done by the Formulab Industry.

The process will be done several times until it acquires the desired quality according to the standards that have been set.

  1. Production 

Lastly, after both sides have agreed with the MOQ, processing and production will begin.

Documentation and certification will also be provided by the Formulab Industry to make it easier for you to sell the products. 

6 Reasons Why Do You Have to Choose Formulab

  • Cheap manufacturing costs
  • Assist with the Box Design 
  • GMP Standard Factory 
  • Develop the formulation of the product
  • Marketing Negotiations services provided 
  • Manages the MOH and Halal Registration

These factors fit the new founders out there who want to enter the halal cosmetics market in Malaysia by producing their brand products.

Contact Formulab now to find out more about creating your  brands.

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