Cosmetics Manufacturer Malaysia: Everything You Need To Know

Cosmetics Manufacturer Malaysia

After months of thinking, perhaps you’re ready to have a cosmetic or skincare line under your name. But where can you get a cosmetics manufacturer list in Malaysia that you can trust?

In simple terms, a manufacturer is someone who can help supply your business with inventories that you need. This also includes suppliers, distributors, or wholesalers.

Trying to search for a cosmetics manufacturer is almost like finding a partner in business. You want someone that you can rely on, and someone that you can definitely trust.

Well look no further, because this is the ultimate guide for you to start your own cosmetic line.

Criteria To Look For in Cosmetics Manufacturer Malaysia

If you want to have your own skincare line, you probably want to be unique and different to stand out. Among the options that you should look for in cosmetics manufacturers includes:

  • Someone who can come up with unique ideas to be able to make your products stand out and be different from the rest.
  • A party that can produce private labels so you can sell the products under your own brand.
  • A manufacturer who can also act as a dropshipper who can produce products from their warehouse so the retailer doesn’t have to hold the inventories.

How can I start a cosmetic business in Malaysia?

1. Right mindset

Most people say that as long as you have passion, it will work but is that all that you need? Absolutely not, as passion without effort means nothing and passion definitely can’t pay your bills.

To have passion would help a lot but it also must come with tremendous effort and the right attitude. Now that is sorted, it’s time to move on to the next step.

2. Research

Cosmetics Manufacturer Malaysia

To only resolve local authority regulations and location issues won’t do it all, you must know what will make your product special and different from the others.

You can pay a local market research company to do the work for you but it won’t be cheap. You can also do it yourself by studying your customers’ needs and wants thoroughly.

3. Start small

Cosmetics Manufacturer Malaysia

Quality is one of the most important keys in beauty products. From the ingredients included, testing samples, to choosing the packages, everything must be done meticulously.

To ensure everything is up to your vision, you have to be there in every stage of production. This can cost a lot as you’d want everything to be in their best state to be able to convince people.

This is why you should start by focusing on one product and diversify from there. Even though it can’t cater to all, when it has reached its purpose and sells well, that’s where you start.

4. Keep improving

Now that your products have earned people’s trust and sell well, do not stop there! Keep trying to be better by listening to feedback and improve from there.

What is OEM Skincare?

When it comes to skincare and cosmetics, Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM means private label, or is also known as white label.

It is when the manufacturer makes the formula, but you put your logo on the product. You don’t really own the formula, but have your parts in producing it so you have the right to sell it.

How to Choose the Right Cosmetics Manufacturer in Malaysia?

Cosmetics Manufacturer Malaysia

There are various cosmetics manufacturers to choose from and some of our recommendations are:

  • Directories

As the saying ‘the best things are free’, these are some online directories that have thousands of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors to choose from:

  • Kompass: Has nearly 4 million registered businesses from 60 countries.
  • Alibaba: International business-to-business (B2B) site that meets suppliers with buyers all across the world.
  • eWorldTrade: a US-based B2B site with various manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors.
  • Made-in-China: A platform to do business with mostly Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.
  • AliExpress: China-based online retail service which is owned by the Alibaba Group that contains small businesses from all over the world.
  • Online search

Although the directories are also listed on Google, there are also other manufacturers that have created their online business presence outside of online directories or B2B platforms.

You have to be creative and search for related keywords such as ‘skincare manufacturer’ or ‘OEM cosmetic manufacturer in Malaysia’ that would give you different options to choose from.

  • Events and Exhibitions

Although most things work online, by attending events and exhibitions is another way to find suppliers and manufacturers. You can see what they can offer with your own eyes.

You can also find new connections to help you grow your business. So not only can you test the samples provided, but you can also find potential partners in these events, which is great!

  • Referrals

From asking around your professional connections to taking it to social media, your sources are literally limitless. You should never be shy in starting a business as that is how you grow.

Looking to create your own health and beauty products? Formulab Industry is the right choice for you. In fact, it is the preferable cosmetics manufacturer in Malaysia.

Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow to produce your brand with Formulab Industry:

Make an Appointment

Meetings will be arranged according to the agreement of both parties.

Consultation Sessions

Free consultation sessions will be held to discuss the demand, MOQ as well as explaining the cost thoroughly.

Sample Preparations

After both parties have agreed upon the product, we will conduct research and provide a sample of the product for you to try.

To achieve the standards that you desire, this process usually will be done persistently until it has reached a certain standard according to your liking.


Lastly, we will start processing and creating the products based on the agreed MOQ.

In addition, we will also provide the documentation for the certification process to the related organizations to ease your way in selling the product. 

6 Reasons Why You Have to Choose Formulab Industry

  • GMP Standard Factory
  • Formulation Development
  • Cheap Manufacturing Costs
  • Formulab will manage the MOH and Halal Registration 
  • Produce the box design
  • Low MOQ

These elements are convenient for those who want to have their own brand

For more information, contact Formulab today!

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