5 Criteria to Choose OEM Manufacturing Company in Malaysia You Can’t Ignore

manufacturing company in malaysia

Creating your product is undeniably a tough thing to do. Therefore, choosing a perfect manufacturing company in Malaysia is the first step to develop your original product. 

Hence, for the manufacturing company to develop a product that will meet your satisfaction, it requires a thorough research and a comprehensive study regarding the product. 

Below are the 5 criteria that you need to consider in choosing OEM Manufacturing Company:

  1. Transparency When Dealing with The Manufacturing Company
manufacturing company in malaysia

Firstly, you need to choose the OEM manufacturing company wisely. Find a manufacturer that practices transparency in every arrangement.

These include the product production period, the minimum order quantity, as well as the disclosure of the product ingredients formula.

Moreover, to protect the ownership of the products and intellectual property, set the seal on by signing a letter of agreement with the manufacturer.

  1. OEM Manufacturing Company that Specializes in Specific Niches
manufacturing company in malaysia

Next thing you need to consider when choosing OEM manufacturer Malaysia, is their product niche.

This is due to not all manufacturers have the ability to produce different types of products. Some manufacturers specialize only in beauty products.

For instance, the cosmetic manufacturing company in Malaysia. Alternatively, there are also food manufacturing company in Malaysia.

Therefore, you need to survey the niche of the OEM manufacturing company comprehensively. Do consider these criteria:

  • What are the best-selling sub-categories products in the market? If it is a health product, what is the top product in that sub-categories? (milk booster, skinny products, etc.)
  • What product category do their customers most demand?
  • The range of product formulas availability – more choices of formulas, more options for the production of your product.
  1. OEM Manufacturing Company with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
manufacturing company in malaysia

Equally important, you need to ensure that the selected factory implements the Good Manufacturer Practice (GMP) in each of their procedures before choosing the Malaysian OEM factory.

Good Manufacturer Practice (GMP) is a recognition by the government to guarantee that the factory is capable to produce the OEM products.

Hence, to ensure that your product is safe and in line with your standards, you have the right to ask the OEM manufacturing company regarding their GMP standards.

  1. Convenient for Product Marketing Consultation 

Furthermore, search for an OEM manufacturing company that can assist you in product marketing.

Marketing consultation services usually can be found in manufacturers that have produced hot-selling products.

The marketing consultation services usually help you in terms of:

  • Product marketing strategies (offline or online)
  • Strategies in electing stockists and agents
  • Boxes design and marketing materials (stickers, business cards, bags, etc.)

A competent OEM manufacturing company will assist you regarding product marketing for you to sell your product successfully.

  1. Halal Certificate Certified by JAKIM

Last but not least, the ‘Halal’ status of a product has always been emphasized by Malaysians, especially those that adhere to Islamic law.

Considering that, Malaysian OEM manufacturing companies are compulsory to follow the standards established by the government to obtain the halal certificate from JAKIM.

JAKIM, the country’s Department of Islamic Development, is the sole statutory halal certifier.

Therefore, you are advised to choose an OEM manufacturing company that has obtained a Halal certificate.

As a result, it will ease the process of placing the MOH series (NOT / MAL) and Halal logo on your product.

Considering that the consumers will look at the MOH series (NOT / MAL) and the Halal logo before purchasing a product, this can be an easy point for you to attract your customers.

Ready to create your own brand?

For those who are interested in producing health and beauty products, your heart is in the right place. Formulab Industry is the right choice for you.

Here are a few simple steps that you need to follow to produce your brand with Formulab Industry:

Make an Appointment

Meetings will be arranged according to the agreement of both parties.

Consultation Sessions

Free consultation sessions will be held to discuss the demand, moq as well as explaining the cost thoroughly.

Sample Preparations

After both parties have agreed upon the product, we will conduct a research and provide a sample of the product for you to try.

To achieve the standards that you desire, this process usually will be done persistently until it has reached a certain standard according to your liking.


Lastly, we will start processing and creating the products based on the agreed MOQ.

In addition, we will also provide the documentation for the certification process to the related organizations to ease your way in selling the product. 

6 Reasons Why You Have to Choose Formulab

  • GMP Standard Factory
  • Formulation Development
  • Cheap Manufacturing Costs
  • Formulab will manage the MOH and Halal Registration 
  • Produce the box design
  • Low Moq

These elements are convenient for those who want to have their own brand. 

For more information, contact Formulab today!

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